How Does Our Price Guarantee Work?


Match Price Works only for NEW Purchases


Take advantage of our amazing price matching policy. If you know of a lower price at a Local Competitor for an Identical Item, we will not only match it, but we will discount their listed price.
  •  Contact us and provide the Local Competitor’s offer for the Identical Item using a website ad, flyer or direct quotation.
  •  Once KIJOVA customer service team determines that your item qualifies, they will not only Price Match the listed price, but they will also give you an extra 5% off.
  • Offers/Promotions cannot be added on top of a price match.


What is an Identical Item?


  •  An item with the same features, applicable warranty, manufacturer, model number and size/volume currently available for sale at a lower retail price by a Local Competitor
  •  A product that is new, in original packaging
  •  A product that is not on our exclusion list.


The price for items purchased from online-only retailers must include cost of shipping to KIJOVA where the Price Match is being requested; exchange rates, taxes and any other additional fees must be applied.